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Moving when you have children is a big decision for any family, but for divorced families, the circumstances are even more sensitive. There are added considerations about the upbringing of children that must be taken by not only the parents, but also the court. No matter what side of a relocation petition a parent might be on, it is critical that they have effective counsel by their side to look out for their child's interests and their role as caregiver.

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How Relocation Works

In the finalization of a divorce, the court assumes that the custodial parent will stay in their current residence (or general geographic area) for the foreseeable future. If a move is necessary—either in-state or out-of-state—they must file a notice with the court before taking action. This notice must also give the non-custodial parent 60 days’ notice of the proposed relocation.

It is during this period that the non-custodial parent can choose to protest the relocation. If they do, a hearing will be set and the judge will determine if the proposed destination constitutes a "material and substantial changes in circumstances." Like all custody matters, the best interests of the child will be a priority in this determination.

At a relocation hearing, the court will consider:

  • The reasons for the proposed relocation
  • How the proposed relocation will affect parenting time
  • The child's long-term access to extended family
  • The child's ties to his or her current community
  • Any other relevant factors

Whether you are a custodial parent that needs to file for relocation or a non-custodial parent that needs to fight one in the courtroom, Audu Law Firm can help. We are ready to hear your story and start taking decisive action towards reaching your relocation goals.

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