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Divorce cases can be complex and painful due to the interwoven matters of children, finances, and property. As such, division of property and assets will likely require the guidance and skill of an experienced Sugar Land divorce attorney. If you need help working through this difficult process, seek counsel from the Audu Law Firm.

Attorney Lilian Auduis exceptionally knowledgeable in property and asset division issues and can help you attain a fair agreement for your situation. Contact the Audu Law Firm today for a no-cost consultation.

How Is Property Divided in Texas?

Some couples have a prenuptial agreement in place that dictates the division of assets. If you do not have a prenuptial agreement and are unable to agree on the proper division with your spouse, you will need to take this matter to court. That is why Attorney Lilian Audu is here to help. As a Sugar Land property dispute lawyer, she is dedicated to establishing plans that help each party get their fair share of assets. When matters are in the hands of a judge, you want to ensure your case is presented properly.

There are a variety of factors that the judge will take into consideration, such as:

  • How long the marriage lasted
  • If any debts were incurred during the marriage
  • The financial assets of each spouse
  • Who, if anyone, will remain in the family home
  • Who will be caring for the children

Whether you decide property division in or out of court, the Audu Law Firm can help you navigate the distribution of your marital assets in a way that is fair and just for all parties.

Get Compassionate Representation for Divorce's Challenges

Attorney Lilian Audu is a worthy mediator who can help you and your spouse settle on what you are each entitled to in property division. Save yourself the trouble and trust a seasoned divorce attorney who can help you come to a peaceful agreement. With personal representation and a commitment to tailored legal resolutions, she takes your legal situation seriously and seeks your best interests.

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