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When a divorcing or unmarried couple is handed down a court order that dictates the terms of their support and child custody arrangements, those orders are usually meant to be long-term. However, what happens if the circumstances of one of the parties involved changes and they can no longer uphold their part in these arrangements? In these cases, a modification may be the best option.

At Audu Law Firm, we understand that life is not always predictable and that custody or support court orders should reflect any unexpected changes in a family's development. Our proven Sugar Land family law attorney is always sure to take a compassionate approach with our clients—but still ensures that their needs and rights are aggressively spoken for both in and out of court. If you need to seek a modification, our firm can make sure that your voice is heard.

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Grounds for a Modification in Texas

Modifications are not granted lightly in Texas. Support and custody agreements are carefully considered by judges before they are decided on and for the court to alter one, legitimate justification must be given.

Common grounds for a court order modification include:

  • A sudden change in income or financial situation
  • A change in marital status (one party gets married/remarried)
  • A significant change in residence
  • A significant change in work or school scheduling
  • A history or occurrence of substance abuse or domestic abuse

It is important to note here that modifications must be court approved. Even if your ex-spouse or co-parent has agreed to a modification, it must be reviewed and approved by the court. Otherwise, further legal complications could occur down the road. We can help you approach this matter with the knowledge you need to establish new and sustainable circumstances for your family.

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