Uncontested Divorce in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Legal separation can be simple. When both spouses agree to a separation agreement and all the state requirements are met you may choose to get an uncontested divorce. Divorce attorneys are then used to prepare legal paperwork and ease the process. In the best case scenario the couple has the option of not involving a family law attorney and can file the necessary paperwork themselves though, they risk losing valuable legal rights. It is important to know that a divorce attorney can only represent one party and the unrepresented must continue with the understanding that they may be limiting their options.      

Divorce Papers in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Uncontested divorces tend to be pass faster and easier in divorce court. In order to obtain an uncontested divorce the couple must not only agree to a division of debt, finances, and property but must also reach a compromise in child custody and spousal support or alimony. This can be granted without the existence of a trial. With respect to the state, the separating couple is required to have resided in Texas for at least six months and the county for at least three months.

The paperwork associated with the divorce process can be reached online at www.texaslawhelp.org  or physical copies can be found at your local courthouse. Each county in Texas has individual requirements that need to be met. Unless you have a thorough comprehension of the law you may not know which divorce papers you need to file or understand how to complete them. With the aid of a divorce lawyer, these matters can be prepared quickly and accurately.

Settlements in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Uncontested divorces can be afforded very cheaply and can cost as little as $300. Nonetheless Texas law dictates certain child support guidelines. For example, even if there is an agreement between spouses child support must still be awarded according to the guideline. A predetermined amount of support however, can be agreed to by the parties.  The parties can also agree on how the payment is made.

The health insurance of the children must also be clear in the divorce decree. If the two parties can not reach a clear-cut understanding mediation is possible without the aid of a judge. During this process, couples may decide to change their uncontested divorce to a contested divorce should they not have a meeting of the minds. Mediators and family law attorneys are intended to form absolute agreements with respect to the rights of each individual.

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Most of the time, couples just want to get the divorce over with as smoothly as possible with little divorce litigation. The likelihood of this happening, however, is slim though not impossible. Even with all of the paperwork filed correctly and a judge’s agreement the divorce could take up to 61 days to finalize. If parties can agree to terms of divorce, The Audu Law Firm has the expertise you need to expedite the process and make it as stress as possible.    

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