How to File for a Divorce Sugar Land and Houston, Texas

Like any state, Texas has concrete rules and statutes with regards to legal separation and divorce. Orders may include residential and proper grounding. If all these regulations are not met, the divorce court will not accept the case and will dismiss it. It is possible to file a divorce yourself, but it does require a deep understanding of the law.

Divorce Process in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Once complied with all of the state requisites you can begin the divorce process. A petition of divorce must then be filed with the court and needs to contain personal information such as identification of children and properties. Subsequently, submit duplicates of the original petition to the District Clerk’s office in your respected county and pay the necessary fees. Texas law also requires you to alert your spouse through a process server.

After the respondent receives the notification an agreement must be made. If uncontested a divorce mediation may or may not take place but the court allows 60 days after the filing is made before they decide to get involved. Following this, a “Final Decree of Divorce” must be drafted and later signed by the judge if all parties are satisfied. Because of the many steps taken and the unpredictable temperament of both divorcees the process can be long and drawn out for months.

Reclaiming a Surname in Sugar Land and Houston, Texas

Upon the divorcee’s request, a party may resume a previous last name in the drafted divorce decree. If the court decided against such action this will also be stated in the document. It is vital to understand that the revival of a surname does not an individual from any legal liabilities that they may have incurred. Texas divorce court may not deny any rights owed to a previous surname.

To obtain a name change certain documents are required before the process can commence. First, a certified copy of the Texas divorce decree or a divorce records request letter must be gathered. Combined with proof of identification, such as a state ID, and proof of age, such as a birth certificate, the party can legally restore their name. With these documents government agencies like the Social Security Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles should be notified and the appropriate documentation can be reissued.  

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When divorce papers are served it is important to recognize where you stand. Some decide to follow through without the use of a divorce attorney but this opens the door to longer settlements being made. For quick turnaround and certainty, both parties should have their own legal counsel, especially if the divorce is contested. Lilian Audu at the Audu Law Firm deals with all types of clients and unique situations. Call the Audu Law Firm for any questions surrounding family law.

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