Divorce Mediation in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Divorce mediation is a more private route that a separating couple may choose or the court might appoint. Dependent on the county rules, mediation may be required if the hearing takes three or more hours. The benefits of a divorce mediator includes a reduced price, faster turn around periods, and confidentiality. Nonetheless, unlike a divorce attorney, the mediator is neutral which is why it is still recommended for each party to seek their own legal counsel.   

Mediation Process in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Though mediation is often voluntary there are judges who will forcibly appoint this process before the hearing even begins. In extreme cases where a couple does not get along, separate rooms can be provided. These situations can take longer and require the mediator to meet with both parties and their attorneys in order to properly resolve conflict. The mediator must keep all conversations confidential with respect to each divorcee involved in the divorce mediation process.

Most of the time, the mediator will begin with the petitioner to explain the ground rules of mediation. After the petitioner discusses the goals and desired outcome of the divorce, the mediator must repeat the process with the respondent and the respondent’s family divorce council. Mediators may also suggest a Mediated Settlement Agreement for Temporary Orders in writing. This settlement shall remain temporary but changes once the divorce is finalized.

Divorce Decree in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

If a couple is agreeable and decides to employ a divorce mediator the processes can be as quick or as lengthy as it takes for the divorcees to come to terms. A divorce decree crafted by a divorce mediator will outline the terms and reconciliations reached by the couple. These settlements should include: alimony, custody, fathers rights, grandparents visitation rights, and a fair division of assets. When a compromise is reached a “Rule 11 Agreement” is signed as an immutable contract that gets filed in court.

Legal counsel from a qualified divorce attorney before and after traditional mediation will speed the proceedings and coach the clients to make more well informed choices. However, there are times where resolution can not be found through mediation. For example, the couple may not want to meet face to face based on domestic or substance abuse allegations. In such cases, the judge will make a decision in divorce court.

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Even with proper mediation, divorce tends to be a messy and uncomfortable situation. Without legal advice, a divorcee may be coerced into an unfair deal. To accurately assess your position a family law attorney is strongly advised. The Audu Law Firm offers case evaluation and mediator recommendations.

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