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Most of us are raised to believe that the sanctity of marriage is one that is written in stone and can never be broken. However, many of us also know that is not always the case. The taboo of divorce has been stigmatized for years, though, sometimes it is the healthiest option for the couple, especially if children are involved. These situations should be handled with compassion and care through a qualified family attorney.

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As assumed, each state governs both marriage and divorce respectively. Family law may also be different based on county. However, they all, agree that the divorcing couple must have resided in the state for at least six months and must have also been a resident of the county for three months or longer. Other stipulations such as the requirement of a divorce mediation before a hearing may be enforced. Grounds for a divorce may involve anything from adultery to abandonment and cases may be filed as contested, uncontested, fault and no fault incidences.  For specific details and legal advice about the laws in your county please contact, Lilian Audu, the Sugar Land Attorney at the Audu Law Firm, as consultation is offered.

How do I get a Divorce in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Assuming that all, state and county requirements are met, a plaintiff can legally submit a petition of divorce. After the appropriate divorce papers are filled and all parties are notified, a meeting of the minds must commence and through either public or private mediation the couple must agree to all terms. Once the couple has settled on property division, childhood custody, and the distribution of finances they can move forward with a final decree of divorce that needs to be signed by the judge and finalized in 60 days. Family lawyers are used to hasten and ease the process as most couples can not resolve joint personal issues or correctly file necessary paperwork without a deep comprehension of the law.

Uncontested Divorce in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

Some cases are easier than others and sometimes when an uncontested divorce is filed the divorcees are relieved much more quickly. This is because an uncontested divorce implies that the couple has already agreed to all terms and therefore can carry out a smooth and painless split. It is very likely though, through mediation, that things change and a spouse may no longer want to follow through. When this occurs in most states it is possible for the divorcees to convert the status of their divorce to a contested divorce and allow family law to reach judicial terms.

Divorce Mediation in Sugar Land and Houston, TX

An unaligned party may be hired to mediate between the two divorcing individuals. Some counties in Texas, mandate the use of a mediator to simplify and expedite agreements. Though it is not required, it is highly recommended that you afford legal counsel as you may lose out on awards and rights that can be granted to you. Deep understanding of civil law is the only way to reach justifiable agreements.

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When forever is temporary, complicated issues arise. It can be difficult to see clearly through lenses clouded with anger. You need a divorce law attorney that can protect you and get you all that is legally owed to you. Lilian Audu at the Audu Law Firm in Sugar Land presents careful and considerate expertise in family law. Call now to find out your rights.

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