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The relief that can come with finalizing a divorce and moving on with one's life can quickly be dashed by an uncooperative ex-spouse. If you are a parent, then your divorce decree probably included child support provisions. When these payments are not made by the non-custodial parent, then, often, the custodial parent is forced to return to court to seek enforcement.

The good news is that the courts, the Attorney General's Office, and the Child Support Enforcement division may be able to help these parents. Still, it is advised that they seek legal counsel to help navigate this enforcement process. Like so many court procedures, enforcement requires a careful detailing of the filer's circumstances and the slightest oversight can mean a dismissal of the motion. At Audu Law Firm, our vigilant Sugar Land child support enforcement lawyer can ensure that your motion is thorough, compelling, and gives your family the best chance at a swift resolution to your child support matter.

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Filing Your Motion & Remedies

To seek child support enforcement, you must return to the court that issued your divorce decree and receive a motion form. In this form you must carefully detail your current circumstances-- such as the amounts that were ordered to be paid, the amount that is past due, and any amounts that have already been paid. Certain attachments, like records from your payment agency, may be helpful to further prove your circumstances. Your counsel can help you decide if/which additional documentation could be useful.

After filing this motion, the court will review it. If the motion is accepted it will then seek remedies against the ex-spouse in order to recover the money that is past due.

Court remedies for child support enforcement can include:

  • Liens on the ex-spouse's property
  • Seizure of tax returns or government benefits
  • Revocation of driver's/professional licenses
  • Hold the ex-spouse in contempt of court

As you can see, the court has fairly broad powers when it comes to enforcing child support payments. First, however, it takes a thorough enforcement motion filling to compel the court to assist you. Our family law attorney can assist you with this filing and ensure that the gravity of you and your child's needs are felt before the court.

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