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As a stepparent, there may be times where you can provide more emotional and financial support for a child than a biological parent ever could. In these cases, adopting a stepchild to get full parental rights can be what’s best for the child. Stepparent adoptions include a series of specific steps that require the guidance and assistance of a skilled and experienced Sugar Land adoption attorney.

At our firm, Attorney Audu offers compassionate counsel and advocacy that puts your needs first. With that kind of dedication, you can be confident she will navigate you through this process and be your legal support and passionate advocate.

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What is The Process of Stepparent Adoption?

It’s important to understand what you’ll be facing as we begin the stepparent adoption process together. This process is often complex and confusing, but the Audu Law Firm is dedicated to helping families during the most crucial moments of their lives.

The process for stepparent adoption includes:

  • Petition filing – the adoption process begins with filing a petition with the local family court.
  • Termination of parental rights –If the absent parent refuses to terminate their parental rights, the case moves to court where a judge will decide what is in the best interest for the child.
  • Evaluation – This step includes a home visit and an evaluation of employment and financial records.
  • Amicus Attorney – The court will bring a non-biased lawyer who will conduct similar evaluations along with interviews to determine if the environment is what is best for the child.

The adoption process is often an emotional one, and you can’t afford to make these important decisions without skilled counsel. Our family law attorney can provide you legal support that is trustworthy, professional and committed.

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